Gwneud mwy - yn Gynt ac yn Haws

Mae LibreOffice yn gasgliad grymus o raglenni swyddfa. Mae ei ryngwyneb glân a'i offer pwerus yn caniatáu i chi ryddhau eich creadigrwydd a bod yn gynhyrchiol iawn.
Drwy grynhoi nifer o raglenni, LibreOffice yw'r casgliad o raglenni swyddfa cod agored rhydd mwyaf pwerus sydd ar gael.

Casgliad Rhydd o Raglenni Swyddfa

LibreOffice 6: y casgliad o raglenni swyddfa rhydd mae'r gymuned wedi bod yn breuddwydio amdano ers deuddeg mlynedd


Project Hwyliog

Mae LibreOffice yn un o'r projectau mwyaf cyfeillgar, sy'n tyfu gyflymaf yn y byd meddalwedd cod agored rhydd.

Mwy amdanom ni a'n gwerthoedd

Pobl Arbennig

Mae LibreOffice yn ymwneud â mwy na meddalwedd. Mae'n ymwneud â phobl, diwylliant, creu, rhannu a chydweithio.

Ymunwch â ni heddiw!

Mae LibreOffice yn feddalwedd cod agored rhydd. Mae ei ddatblygiad yn agored i dalent a syniadau newydd, ac mae ein meddalwedd yn cael ei brofi a'i ddefnyddio bob dydd gan gymuned mawr o ddefnyddwyr ymroddedig.

Video recap: LibreOffice Conference 2019 in Almeria, Spain

Here’s a quick recap of the LibreOffice Conference 2019 that took place last week in Almeria, Spain! Over the next couple of weeks, we’ll also upload videos from the individual presentations… Please confirm that you want to play a YouTube video. By accepting, you will be accessing content from YouTube, a service provided by an external […]

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LibreOffice Conference 2019: Photos from days 2 and 3

Last week was the LibreOffice Conference 2019 in Almeria, Spain. It was an awesome event, and great to see so many community members – a big thanks to everyone who took part! We already posted some photos from the first day, along with the video of the opening session. Now we have some photos from […]

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2019-09-20 Friday.

Up early to see the delightful wife & babes, a joyful time, so much to be listened to & encouraged, it's just not the same being away. Encouaging to see the pseudo-code and flow diagrams that N is writing. Need to share Kendy's recommended sight reading video with the string-playing babes. Dug out a truck load of expense receipts, including a concertina of dozens of bus tickets. Estimation, project planning, t[…]

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Native widgets on mobile for Online - prototype

In the desktop suite we have the sidebar which is a context dependant feature improving user performance eg. in chart editing. Unfortunately it's not the perfect UI for a mobile clients, so the new concept is to tunnel the UI description to the browser and create native widgets there. I did some prototyping work in this area and I can see first results:

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